Changing Our World

Zulu eDM is built based on electronic direct marketing (eDM) principles which is defined at The term needed to be defined because most Australasian marketers were using the term eDM loosely when all they were doing was rudimentary eBlasting. Wikipedia has the term linked to email marketing which is incorrect.

We have been in the email and SMS marketing industry since 2006. Our co-founder, David Barnes, started email marketing in it’s primitive form way back in the 90’s. We hate SPAM but we don’t agree with how the World is going about fighting SPAM. Why? Well to break it down in it’s simplest form we believe that there is three types of SPAM:

  • The crooks / criminals. These are the evil people sending SPOOF & Phishing emails designed to hurt recipients and prey on technology users that are vulnerable and naive.
  • Ignorant & lazy marketers that don’t care. In 2013 we closed our Ad Agency / Web Developer / Digital Agency partner program because we could see that all these companies cared about was simply uploading a list, getting the creative done and blasting to the entire list. Our overriding system monitoring was able to tell us that over 90% of users didn’t view their campaign reports. Therefore they just didn’t care, didn’t have time or didn’t know what to do with the information  Sadly this is still the case.
  • Marketing Automation is a SPAM curse and shows so little regard for recipients interaction that the constant barrage of product or service information is not only obvious to recognize it is often offensive. Operational automation is not SPAM, marketing Automation needs to be standardized to prevent loops of messages that bombards users.

We believe the fight against SPAM is more than policies determined by government based upon consent. We believe that education is the key to fighting SPAM and indiscriminate eBlasting.

That is why we have created countless videos and launched the Twitter tag #eBlastingSux –

Help us make a difference in the World and stop indiscriminate eBlasting.