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Authenticated (SMTP/API) Email Gateway & Campaign Management Services

Zulu eDM email campaign and delivery service provides the highest email authentication standards (DMARC compliance) for every client domain. All of our users white-label the return-path for the highest standard email authentication.

We deliver open rates in lists of 20,000+ subscribers over 40%.  of  Our service is exclusive and available of application. You will enjoy have available a low cost SMTP / API  email gateway and delivery network.

Clients that subscribe to Zulu eDM achieve outstanding email engagement and performance.

The service is tightly integrated with our automated email reputation management system and campaign management software and tools to achieve the only all-in-one authenticated email delivery platform. Options can be easily tailored to suit specific needs of Franchises, Multi-National Organizations, Industry Associations, Governments and Small Businesses.

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Trusted Sender Score Covid 19 Offer

During this Covid 19 epidemic it is actually a very good time to work on projects such as email compliance and Trusted Sender Score.

DMARC Compliance Adoption Research Centre

Zulu eDM launches our free Compliance Adoption Research Centre which surveys and monitors over 30 key segments and over 50,000 domains

Email Marketing – Public Sector Campaign- blocking getting Serious!

Public Sector and Large Corporate IT Managers regard any email marketing campaign as “spam” and see it as their duty to eliminate it. Marketers on the other hand

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Get Cyber Secure With Leading Research

The Trusted Sender Tools and Trusted Sender Score are just a few of the technologies that have been developed with respects to email authentication and email delivery. The research and commercial outcomes we have completed and continue to work on have given us great insights as to how email must be delivered and how important email domain reputation has become.

Below is a snapshot of a small part of our research that you can access by clicking here. The adoption is gathering momentum which means time will be running out. Our FREE DMARC Fact Sheets explain the important  points.

We have released the only automated email reputation management system and combined that with our campaign and subscriber management platform, DMARC reporting and enablement tools, embedded Trusted Sender Score in API emails that is tied together by our 360 degree view of subscribers and customers from campaign to conversion. Understanding what was needed to help organizations and general email users be better equipped in this new era of email has been our focus since early in 2016.

Email Service Provider

Zulu eDM provides the latest email services for operational email, campaign email and reputation management. Let us help to protect your organisation and ensure your email gets delivered.

Campaign Software Services

Zulu eDM Campaigner is an enterprise campaign and multi channel marketing application that you can get started on for FREE. If subscriber engagement is important then please try us out.

Franchise Campaign Platform

Our Franchise Campaign Management & Performance edition gives Franchisors the tools they need to enhance franchisee recruitment and then give the same tools to the Franchisess to use.

Create & Deploy Franchise Email Campaigns
– 5 minute Campaign Week
– Franchise Network Analytics
– Subscriber Compliance Tools
– DMARC enablement franchise wide
Franchisee Campaign Management Software 

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Franchise Campaign Management Software

Franchisee success just 5 minutes per month
Franchise Brand Control
Personalised Local Area Marketing
Franchise Wide Automated Campaigns
Email Reputation Compliance
Digital Asset Sharing

Subscribers - Easy

All Zulu eDM Accounts include….

Email Marketing

Advanced Email Marketing. We have all the tools for experienced and non-experienced marketers alike.

SMS Marketing

Send SMS Campaigns for just 5c per SMS. Reply facility for competitions and product QR codes.

Subscriber Segment Analytics

Monitor your best and worst performing product, marketing & industry segments

Live Support

Phone us, chat to us, email us or log a ticket. Support and helping drive better campaign results is our tribe’s passion

Authentication & Cyber Security

Trusted Sender Score Integration, DMARC Authentication, DMARC Reports & more

Email Gateway & Campaign API

Access all areas of the system including sending SMTP email

Unlimited Database Size

We don’t penalize large subscriber numbers. The more the merrier just don’t blast indiscriminately. Think about your engagement.

Dashboard tasks to guide you

To help you with eDM best practice we give you some easy to follow tasks and guides

Access to our online knowledgebase

We love our customers and we love our support standards… try us out

Multi-Channel Engagement Analytics

Your Top 10’s, Subscribers vs Unsubscribes, CRM Database Health, Conversion Metrics

Conditional Content

Map the right content to subscriber preferences and see your engagement grow

Web Forms

Create, configure and deploy forms and surveys across all of your web sites

Sales Team Groups

Make your sales team look good with sender personalization unique to Zulu eDM

Database Personalization

Build fields and associate them to subscribers and segments then track response data

Social Publishing

Publish your campaigns to social media sites

App Integrations

When we integrate with applications such as Pipleline Deals, or we give you meaningful data exchange ensuring the Worlds best platforms are making life simpler and easier

Tools to engage

Being an enterprise platform we have all sorts of tools to help you better understand and engage with your subscribers

Responsive application design

No phone apps required to view important campaign results