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Email Service Provider

Zulu eDM provides the latest email services for operational email, campaign email and reputation management. Let us help to protect your organisation and ensure your email gets delivered.

Campaign Software Services

Zulu eDM Campaigner is an enterprise campaign and multi channel marketing application that you can get started on for FREE. If subscriber engagement is important then please try us out.

Franchise Campaign Platform

Our Franchise Campaign Management & Performance edition gives Franchisors the tools they need to enhance franchisee recruitment and then give the same tools to the Franchisess to use.

Create & Deploy Franchise Wide Campaigns
– 5 minute Campaign Week
– Franchise Network Analytics
– Subscriber Compliance Tools
– DMARC enablement
Franchisee Campaign Tools

The cost of cyber crime to business is estimated at $3 trillion globally, ask us about our email risk solution

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FREE Accounts include 15,000 emails per month & unlimited subscribers

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  • Enterprise Software

    Enterprise Campaign Management

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  • Big Data

    Send billions of messages

Email Marketing

Advanced Email Marketing. We have all the tools for experienced and non-experienced marketers alike.

SMS Marketing

Send SMS Campaigns for just 5c per SMS. Reply facility for competitions and product QR codes.

Subscriber Segment Analytics

Monitor your best and worst performing product, marketing & industry segments

Engagement Analytics

Your Top 10’s, Subscribers vs Unsubscribes, Database Growth and so much more.

Conditional Content

Map the right content to subscriber preferences and see your engagement grow

Web Forms

Create, configure and deploy forms and surveys across all of your web sites

Sales Team Groups

Make your sales team look good with sender personalization unique to Zulu eDM

Database Personalization

Build fields and associate them to subscribers and segments then track response data

Social Publishing

Publish your campaigns to social media sites

Responsive application design

No phone apps required to view important campaign results

Live Support

Phone us, chat to us, email us or log a ticket. Support and helping drive better campaign results is our tribe’s passion

App Integrations

When we integrate with applications such as Pipleline Deals, or we give you meaningful data exchange ensuring the Worlds best platforms are making life simpler and easier

Tools to engage

Being an enterprise platform we have all sorts of tools to help you better understand and engage with your subscribers

All Zulu eDM Accounts include….

Unlimited Database Size

We don’t penalize large subscriber numbers. The more the merrier just don’t blast indiscriminately. Think about your engagement.

Dashboard tasks to guide you

To help you with eDM best practice we give you some easy to follow tasks and guides

Analytics to help you track your progress

Lifetime analytics on fields, forms, surveys, email campaigns, top performing marketing segments…. we won;t be beaten in data

Access to our online knowledgebase

We love our customers and we love our support standards… try us out

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