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Supercharge your Franchisee Sales by Improving your Franchise Performance & Satisfaction Levels.

Onboard More

All Under One Roof Our advanced targeting and multi-channel engagement software enables you to bring Franchisees on board in no time.

Sell More Franchises

Meaningful Insights

QR Codes, Google AdWords, Email Campaigns, etc. get insights on what content is working and which channel is driving your success. Keep Check

Content & Channel Analytics


Track your Franchisee performance for key product and service segments against subscriber engagement sales. Know More

Lower Risk

Stay on Point

Software that brings a franchise group together with tailored multi-channel marketing tools to control brand integrity and enable growth.

Leverage Branding

Local Area Marketing

Local Area Marketing must frow local customers & subscribers to be successful. We have experts and ideas that help you succeed.

Grow Subscribers & Engage

Franchisee Success

Drive your success by having tagets everyone can see and understand. Our franchise hub and team gives you all you need to build quicky.

Matketing Accountability


Who Needs This?

Anyone sending and receiving emails - Organisations sending mail, responsible marketers, ESPs, ISP's, developers and mail/network administrators etc.


Proposed Final Objective

To help take the mystery out of email authentication and risk so that compliant and responsible organisations are recognised by receiving mail administrators. This is not a Return Path alternative, it is a precursor to the program.



This is not for organisations and people who are irresponsible marketers. We condemn e-Blasters who send excessive volumes of messages via marketing automation.

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Is Your Email Trusted

This is not for organisations and people who are irresponsible marketers. We condemn e-Blasters who send excessive volumes of messages via marketing automation.


What Does A Trusted Sender Program Provide?

The program covers the A-Z of technical email management through to reputation management, security and delivery. And once that is done we audit your subscriber practices and campaign practices to implement solutions where necessary. Once we are satisfied and everything is done, we add a badge of certification to notify the receivers.
Finally when we are satisfied and everything is done we add a piece of code into the header of your email to notify the receivers.

Tech set-up

Implementing DMARC is one thing but then you are accountable, eliminating the variables is the only way to ensure you don't have any issues. Where is all that "cool App" mail coming from and is that hurting you and can it be routed safely?


Who is your Postmaster?

Who is YOUR Postmaster, what is your Phishing Policy, what are the Feedback Loops saying? Even if you get this information what does it mean?


Responsible Marketing

How many campaigns are you sending and how often do you upload a list? Just these simple practices are being penalised every day. Do you incorporate sender best practices?

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