DMARC – Email Delivery

DMARC Authentication – Email Delivery

Zulu eDM is compliant with DMARC, SPF & DKIM. FREE subscriber, large enterprise or franchise customer we are the solutions to protect your brand.

Whether you are a FREEMIUM account subscriber or a large enterprise or franchise customer we have solutions to protect your brand, meet email authentication standards and get your campaigns into the inbox.

Email marketing is a cornerstone component of eDM. It therefore stands to reason that email delivery and inbox placement is essential to drive key messaging, product and services promotion and of course vital revenue.

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FREEMIUM includes 15,000 emails per month & DMARC Authentication

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DMARC Authentication – Options

FREE and Standard subscribers need not worry, we have a FREE solution ready for you to meet DMARC compliance.

For brand managers and astute marketing teams we have a variety of DMARC enabled options available which include:

  • Using your own domain
  • Using your own domain on dedicated IP addresses (recommended)
  • Franchise domain and multi account options are available
  • Using your own domain on leased dedicated IP addresses (enterprise option only)

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