From simple email marketing to the Worlds most flexible platform


Easily schedule campaigns and resend

Free Email Templates

We provide plenty of email templates including responsive design

Conditional Subject Lines

Based on user preferences you can configure email subject lines

SPAM Compliant

Easy unsubscribe management for all channels

Conditional Content

Map the right content to subscriber preferences and see your engagement grow

Automate Link Segmentation

Pro HTML Template Editor (for the techies)

Post campaign segmentation

Hard /Soft Bounce management

Responsive design capacity

Personalization & Wildcards

Block lists

Segment commonality

Sender group settings

Marketing Database

Build fields

With Zulu eDM you can build an unlimited number of fields and field types


As a recipient fills in a field we segment that data on the fly!

Link your fields

Link your campaign fields to subscribers, forms and any part of the campaign platform

Upload & auto-segment

As you upload your lists fields can be used to auto-segment….AMAZING!

Pre-fill form fields

Links from campaigns will be pre-filled with recipient data

Life time analytics

We track the life time activity and results per field

Email Delivery & Authentication

SPF Pass



Rapid return path deployment

Send using yourdomain.com

Mailbox options

Feedback loop management

IP Address options

Sender Score Certification (must qualify with Return Path)


SMS Campaigns

Create and personalize SMS message up to 800 characters

Dedicated Number

Purchase your own dedicated campaign number

Receive Replies

Get replies that you can use for feedback or sales

Any country

We can implement long numbers for any country, try us!

SPAM compliant

Use the unsubscribe function which is separate from email subscriptions

Inbound Vouchers

Use Zulu eDM to issue point of sale vouchers using SMS

Sales Team Management

Sales Team Groups

Set up Zulu eDM with your Sales Teams details and their contacts to deliver better engagement

Live Campaign Notifications

Using our CRM partners get live campaign notifications so that a timely call can be made

Sales Sender Info

Each campaign received will appear to come from the Sales person rather than HQ

Team Templates

Set-up team templates with signatures and ordering information

Team Accountability

See which team members have the most engagement and largest subscriber list

Reconnect with lost customers

Check your hard bounces and reengage with lost connections using SMS

Analytics & Reports

Homepage Engagement Analytics

Top Engagement

Analytics for total subscriber activity

Group based subscriber numbers

Group based engagement tracking

Campaign Reporting

Campaign Group Reports

Geographic Reports

Avge. Open Time Analytics

Franchise Features

Brand Integrity

Create templates and lock them down for brand integrity

Franchise Group Analytics

Monitor HQ performance, individual franchisee performance and summary analytics at group level

Multi Level Management

Create Franchisee accounts easily and quickly

Franchisee Subscriber Building

Use SMS, QR codes and web forms to build local subscribers for each Franchisee

Local Area Marketing

Franchisees can add local content into locked branded eDM’s

Campaign Workflow

Choose if Franchisees must accept campaigns prior to delivery

FREEMIUM includes 15,000 emails per month & unlimited subscribers

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