Campaign Click Effectiveness


Answers to the following 3 questions are vital for campaign success and conversions:

1.) What happens after a subscriber clicks on a link? Do they engage, bounce or visit other relevant pages in your site?

2.) How do you decide which traffic source(s) and content is progressing website visitors and subscribers through your content and sales funnel?

3.) Which traffic sources are delivering the outcomes you want on a per campaign basis compared to others for the same campaign?

The following report which is available via Zulu eDM  simplifies how to decide which content needs work or where to invest more.

Source / Medium Entrance Page Exit Page No. Users
Google / organic/developers/index.php/developers/submit.php98
Zulu eDM / SMS/features/index.php/features/index.php5
Zulu eDM / Email/reusable-content-in-version-2-1-1-release/index.php/contact/11
Zulu eDM / Email/index.php/pricing-plans/index.php35
Zulu eDM / QR Code/pricing-plans/index.php/pricing-plans/index.php5
Bing / Ads/franchise-edm-platform//franchise-edm-platform/12
Bing / Ads/franchise-edm-platform//franchise-edm-platform/submit.php15
Google / organic/index.php/index.php24
Google / organic/index.php/pricing-plans/index.php5
LinkedIn / social/franchise-edm-platform/index.php/franchise-edm-platform/index.php8
(direct) / (none)/index.php/pricing-plans/index.php6
Zulu eDM / Email/tribal-blog/index.php/tribal-blog/index.php6