Email Authentication is now a global Cyber Security Focus

One in eight emails is a fraud; it effects every email user, personal safety and business effectiveness


of people sent a phishing email - do not realize it is fraudulent


of people who receive a fraudulent email - fall for it.

This is why the US Government and 6 other governments have mandated DMARC the anti-SPOOF email authentication standard with the aim to reduce Phishing, SPOOF and SPAM email. Office 365, Google GSuite, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo all check for DMARC.

It has arrived and DMARC is the answer

Don't implement DMARC (reject) and your email will fail

Implement the wrong solution and your email goes to junk

Zulu Trusted Sender provides a free email trust verification program' DMARC email authentication services and automated email reputation management. The only one of its kind. We have combined years of email service experience with the new standard in email authentication (DMARC) to ensure recipients of your email can trust that it is from you.

Impact of SCAMs on Business

The cost of cybercrime to businesses is estimated at $3 trillion globally.

Cybercrime is rated as the fifth biggest risk to businesses with emails, phone calls and social media hacking of biggest concern

Our SMTP Email Gateway is specifically designed for email volumes of less than 1.5 million emails per month. That includes responders, application email and of course email campaigns. Our revolutionary approach has been designed for the post email authentication era.

Public Company Adoption

Organizations face possible legal issues if Anti-SPOOF measures are not implemented. From May to June 2018 we researched the major stock exchanges around the World to see the uptake rate of DMARC

Stock Exchange Volume Surveyed Aware / Started Passed
S&P 500 500 202 NA
FTSE 250 249 11 1
ASX 200 200 45 NA
TSX 60 62 23 0
NZ 35 35 4 0
IBEX 30 30 1 0

Research Overview

Our research into the top companies listed on various stock exchanges around the World showed that a significant number of companies had started to implement protection against the risks and possible liabilities from email scams / SPOOF, however on average, less than 5% were compliant.

What others are saying....

Most organizations should NOT use dedicated IP addresses for email

If DMARC was on all domains the volume of email being sent should reduce as domians are then visible and accountable. For the majority of cases we would not recommend a static IP address.

90 Percent of Leading Brand Domains Targeted by Malicious Email

Almost 90% of domains associated with leading brands had an associated malicious or unauthorized stream of email messages, undermining brand trust and brand value.

Zulu eDM Trusted Email Sender program implements Anti-SPOOF protection to prevent unauthorised use of your email domain. But we go one step further and we make sure your business systems and staff are all ready for the change. This also ensures customers and suppliers are informed where necessary.

Auto Reputation Builder

Automate your email reputation building with Zulu eDM Campaign Manager. In addition and for the best results, enhance the your email reputation outcomes with our SMTP / API email gateway. Zulu eDM is the right solution for your campaigning, operational email, notifications, invoicing email, application email, programmatic email and of course our email reputation management.