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Trusted Email Sender

Protection against criminal email (SPOOF) to mitigate risks whilst restoring confidence in your brand.

Is your domain trusted?


Visible Email Reputation

The Trusted Sender project began by trying to provide a simpler way for email recipients to identify if the email and the associated sender of the email can be trusted (visit the app). With so many different email applications being used, users find it difficult to know if the email is actually from the perceived sender or not. In addition it was important to give visibility over the email practices of the sender especially to see if the domain has been protected from SPOOF.
In 2017 we only permitted DMARC compliant domains on our both our transactional and campaign email services. It became apparent that more was needed to help organizations reduce the risks they face fromn email SPOOF and to build a trusted and reputable email domain.

Who is this for?

Anyone sending and receiving email - General internet surfers that have email, Organisations sending mail, responsible marketers, ESPs, ISP's, developers and mail/network administrator.


Key Benefits

Mitigate the risks and associated outcomes of email domain SPOOF. Have visibility over your email sources to drive efficiences and protect your organization. Build a trusted email brand by implementing other key email best practices and tecnologies. Stop ending up in the SPAM or Junk folder.


DMARC Issues

Our research shows that it is possible under the right circumstance to SPOOF a single check DMARC use. We recommend for absolute assurance to have both Domain Key and SPF alignment. After implementing DMARC your domain will be visible and accountable which can and often has dramatic negative effects. Read here for more informtation

What does this cover?

The program covers the A-Z of technical email management through to reputation management, security and delivery. And once that is done we audit your subscriber practices and campaign practices to implement solutions where necessary. Finally when we are satisfied and everything is done we add a piece of code into the header of your email to notify the receivers.

Tech set-up

Implementing DMARC is one thing but then you are accountable, eliminating the variables is the only way to ensure you don't have any issues. Where is all that "cool App" mail coming from and is that hurting you and can it be routed safely?


Who is your Postmaster?

Who is YOUR Postmaster, what is your Phishing Policy, what are the Feedback Loops saying? Even if you get this information what does it mean?


Responsible Marketing

How many campaigns are you sending and how often do you upload a list? Just these simple practices are being penalised every day. Do you incorporate sender best practices?

Need more information?

All of our details can be found here.