Oracle Dyn DNS We recommend Dyn DNS for Trusted Sender Clients

Zulu eDM now offers Oracle’s Dyn DNS DNS is a vital component to successful email delivery and there are not that many subscription services available that has all of the necessary features for the best email reputation possible.

As part of our Trusted Email Sender program we are now offering Oracle Dyn’s DNS for just $55 per year (ex GST $60.50 inc) which is a saving of approximately $300. DNS can be a tricky tool and so we are also offering a conversion or set-up service to take all of the worries out of the process.

For the IT Admin crew you can have your very own access to your client’s domain and we can just leave you to it. If you get stuck we are here to help.

To get started simply pay using the PayPal button below and we will be in contact within 2 business days.

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