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Join the Zulu Trusted Email Sender program and show your clients, customers, suppliers and the community at large that your email domain can be trusted.

Free (1 domain)

$0 / mo

  • Domain Trust Listing
  • Update Key Trust Data
  • Proove ownership
  • Trust Score
  • Email Trust Logo 


$15 / mo

  • Everything a Free account has plus: 
  • Alerts for key trust issues
  • Publish key trust links
  • Prevention & Crisi Toolkist
  • Priority email support


$29 / mo

  • Eveything a member has plus
  • Link multiple domains to you membership
  • Guide to trust compliance
  • Domain alerts & Blacklist Checks
  • Proority email support
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Embed the sign of email trust in your emails for FREE

Simply search your domain, register then follow the prompts

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Trust is such a key element to our international business. Since joining the Zulu Trusted-Sender program, our clients and subscribers have really engaged a lot more with us on email because they have a way of checking that we are who we say we are.

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Jason Rechenber, CEO
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