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The Ultimate On-Page SEO Checklist & Hygiene Infographic

SEO is a two-way street.

You put the effort into perfecting your website and get rewarded for this investment of time.

Whilst a monthly on-page SEO checklist is seldom a ‘pressing matter’ for most businesses, on-page SEO cleansing plays a pivotal role in protecting your search engine visibility. It has the power to gain uplifts of over 120% in your total keyword presence and the compounding effects of a well-optimised website extend not only to your total lead count but also to a reduction in your monthly expenditure costs.

Not to mention that implementation only takes 3 weeks if you work hard!

Whilst we are huge advocates of acquiring high-quality backlinksand this still has a large part to play in your overall SEO profile – don’t forget the quality of the pages that you’re driving traffic towards. Be sure to work through our on-page SEO checklist below and stack your website up with some of the best-optimised presences currently on the internet.


On-Page SEO Checklist Benefits

Now that you’re up to speed on our critical on-page SEO checklist and ready to optimise your website to the max, let’s take a look at a case study which displays the type of results you could receive by undertaking this activity.

Practising what we preach, before compiling our ultimate on-page SEO checklist, we trialled our recommended tips on 2 websites of varying maturity. From a large website in the professional services industry that had backlinks aplenty, to a sole trader in South East Melbourne who had only heard about SEO when we mentioned it, the results were almost identical.

Take a look at how we revived our clients’ rapidly declining website through simply following our own on-page SEO checklist. 

128% Total Keyword Ranking Increase In 5 Weeks!

With a fairly large website and more backlinks than a 1998 business directory, our SEO professionals identified that our client’s website was lacking some serious on-page SEO love. After mapping out a new keyword strategy and implementing around 75% of the SEO checklist infographic above on 6th June 2019, we sat and waited for a few days to see the fruits of our labour. A few more days passed…

Then, it all kicked off!

  • Week 1 – 4% Total Indexed Keywords Increase.
  • Week 2 – 37% Total Indexed Keywords Increase.
  • Week 3 – 89% Total Indexed Keywords Increase.
  • Week 4 – 113% Total Indexed Keywords Increase.
  • Week 5 – 128% Total Indexed Keywords Increase.

1-Month Keyword Trends View

As you can see from the chart below, the rise in total keywords indexed on Google across the course of just 4 weeks was substantial. Not to mention the number of keywords which now rank on the first page of Google due to improved landing page relevancy.


All-Time Keyword Trends View

When you compare this to the ‘All Time’ Organic Keywords Trend, you can see that despite having a natural link profile, the year prior for this website was marked with a stiff decline in total organic visibility. This was due to not only a lack of activity on the website, but relevant landing pages for Google to direct search traffic towards too. Shift your glance to after our on-page SEO checklist implementation and the website now ranks strongly for more keywords than ever before!


83% Increase In Page 1 Ranking Keywords 

On top of a large increase in total indexed keywords on Google, our client’s website also saw an increase of 83% in the total number of relevant keywords that ranked on the first page of Google.

29% Increase In Organic Traffic

As a compounding benefit, the client received an immediate 29% uplift in organic traffic to the website when comparing to the month prior. Compounding this over the duration that these rankings are retained, that’s a hell of a lot more relevant visitors to nurture into clients.


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