Trusted Sender Score - Top 10 Law Firms

As part of our industry leading research into email domain trust we are please to share our review of the Top 10 Law firms in the World and their Trusted Sender Scores.

Which Top 10 Law Firms Can You Trust when it comes to protecting you from spoof email?

The table below contains the list of the Top 10 Law Firms in the World. None of the Top 10 Law firms can be verified as Trusted Senders. 6/10 of the firms are DMARC compliant but as we know that does not prevent the domain from being used in a spoof attack. Three firms,, and are the closet to being Trusted Sender with scores of 6.6.

How do I interpret these results?

The first way to interpret the results is that if you receive an email from any of these organizations that you are not expecting, then you should act with caution. Call the sender / organization and confirm with them that they sent the email. Alternatively checking the email headers, in particular the SMTP:FROM for alignment.

If you are having any commercial, IT or privacy related contracts or documents drawn up then we would recommend that you have the firm contact us to get an update as to the possible shift in liability and commercial outcomes that occur when one organization is Trusted and another is not with respects to email.

List of the Top 10 Law Firms Trusted Sender Scores and DMARC Compliance Check

Updated Domain Profile Compliant Trusted Sender Score


The Top 10 Law Firm Rankings were sourced from Investopedia