Email Services

– Trusted Sender Program
– SMTP API Email Service
– Anti-Spoof (DMARC) Implementation
– DMARC Monitoring
– Oracle Dyn DNS
– Office 365 / GSuite Config Services

Campaign Software Services

– FREE Account Comparison
– Zulu eDM Pricing
– Channel Engagement & Visibility
– Email Reputation Builder
– Easily handles 5,000,000 subscribers
– GDPR, Privacy & SPAM Complaint

Franchise Campaign Platform

– Create & Deploy Franchise Wide Campaign
– 5 minute Campaign Week
– Franchise Network Analytics
– Subscriber Compliance Tools
– DMARC enablement
– Franchisee Campaign Tools

David Barnes (CEO) Speaking @ Cyber Security Summit

David Barnes, the Zulu Chief Executive, will continue his Industry leading approach to compliant DMARC implementations this month at the Cyber Security Summit in Melbourne, Australia.  The session will kick off the conference on this hot topic and tickets can be booked through the conference website.

Tools you need to run a Compliant DMARC Project

To run a compliant DMARC Project you need to have tools that will allow you to assess your DNS configuration which includes at minimum the DMARC, SPF, DKIM and MX entries.

DMARC Project Tech Facts

Running a DMARC project touches all areas of the organization so we have created some quick facts to help you communicate the importance and impact of this project.

David Barnes Speaking @ AusSec 2019

Mention this post to receive 15% off registration using our CEO's speaker discount AuSec 2019 Conference - Cybersecuring Critical Business & Government Applications [card title="Zulu CEO David Barnes will address DMARC email authentication and it's role in cyber security at the AuSec 2019 Conference" text="text-darken-3 grey" title_color="blue"] AusSec 2019 has an extensive speaker list that [...]

LATEST DMARC RESEARCH – Emails to Australian Government Departments set to fail

If you do any business or have any involvement with the Australian Federal Government and your email domain is not compliant then it is likely that your emails will stop being accepted. This is because 16 departments have now implemented to completion the Anti-SPOOF protection for their domains. The primary objective when implementing the DMARC authentication is to [...]

World Exclusive: Anti-SPOOF now in Franchise Legal Agreements

Franchise Agreements Set To Embrace New Email Standards: Zulu eDM and Haarsma Franchise Lawyers have …

Zulu eDM Campaigner Version 2.2.1 Release

We are very pleased to share this post with the newest features, fixes and enhancements to the Zulu eDM Campaign platform. Our aim, using the latest in user experience frameworks, is to

What is email authentication and why is it important?

When you send a letter via the post – you put your details of the recipient on the front and often the details of the sender on the back or inside the envelope. You put the letter in the postbox and ….

Exclusive – Oracle Dyn DNS for just $60/year

As part of our Trusted Email Sender program we are now offering Oracle Dyn’s DNS for just $55 per year (ex GST) which is a saving of approximately $300. We also have set-up services…

Take control make the impossible POSSIBLE!

We have built the best tools to get the best results across the entire organization. The only way to be the best is to take control of your email have one accountable supplier.

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