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Why Zulu eDM & Google Analytics

Simply put; Total Visibility. Connect your Google Analytics account with electronic direct campaign management software and get meaningful insights you understand. We not only help you measure your performance across every channel (Email, QR, Social Media, etc.), we make sense of every campaign, every initiative.

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And The Reason?

Our Advertising & Marketing was working; we were getting results. However, we didn’t know what specifically was working and which content was king. So we decided to take a spin at simplifying the data and making Google Analytics more meaningful. To top it off we managed to tie our email and offline communications into the mix. Making it a truly impressive solution.

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Visibility Idea.....

How many products do you have that you ship everywhere? Perhaps in store. Do you offer support for your product. Why now add a QR Code to the product packaging. "Scan this code for an offer" or "Scan for Product Support". You will see the results here and in Google Analytics.

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Click the button below to Link your account. Note: If you have multiple accounts you can make a selection on the next screen. DISCLOSURE: We do not store or track or use any of the data.

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Hundreds of Products?

Now link tracking is seconds not minutes. Try this Google Sheet enhancement, we will add short codes if we get the feedback - tell us what you want need:

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More Free Tools
Tools to enhance channel engagement effectives

Here is some other useful tools to make the most of your user engagement insights. Remember: These tools provide the secret sauce to make the magic happen.

Link Builder Email Signatures
Google Analytics Add On

This is where this project all began. Add these customizations to your Google Analytics Avvount

Analytics Custom Report