HubSpot Email Issues

HubSpot Email Issues - Testimonial

This testimonial came from a client after their corporate area mandated a change to HubSpot. Unfortunately the client was not aware that our lead generation tools are included in our software.

I’ll be honest we got sold on HubSpot’s lead generation capabilities but no one thought to ask about HubSpot’s  email delivery restrictions. It’s not that email was overlooked, it was not really even considered to be a  possible issue. Why? We assumed that providers are all pretty similar when it comes to email and the bulk email sending capability from HubSPot would just work like it always had with Zulu.

HubSpot promised to hold our hand through the transition and that everything would be fine. That could not have been further from he truth, the consultant was okay but all the hand holding promised was available until the hour a month ran out. If we wanted more time then we had to pay more money on a budget already stretched, we were already paying double what we had been paying Zulu except the team at Zulu did it for us.

The decision that cost us 10,000 contacts, sales, time and momentum. It will take 8 years or tens of thousands of dollars to replace what HubSpot won’t let us use.

Prior to the move we had 3 campaigns a month happening with 1 campaign going to our entire database of just over 10,000.  We ended up missing a vital campaign month and things still are not right. Open rates were great with Zulu and our business relied heavily on the email campaigns driving web site traffic and bookings.

Open rates slid a little after we purchased the assets of a competitor that went out of business. The Zulu team held our hands through every stage of the list purchase from assessing the quality of the lists through to pricing and finally on-boarding the 7,000+subscriber database.  Their strategy and advice ensured we got to use all of the contacts in a SPAM and email compliant manner. After the on-boarding campaign, our email reputation stayed on the highest rating. We don’t see that information with HubSpot so we are flying blind when it comes to email.

In 2017 our we protected our domain became protected from SPOOF and illegal use when we implemented DMARC based on the Zulu recommendations. That protected us during a series of invoice email attacks as well as keeping us on top of email technology.

We finally got to send our first campaign and shortly there after, we received an email from HubSpot notifying us that we could not use most of our database due to engagement reasons!I had heard about this on MailChimp but have never experienced this issue until now. I went back to Zulu and they pointed multiple touch points across years of campaigning in the data extracts that they had provided us as part of the termination process. HubSpot refused to budge. What a nightmare which is still ongoing.

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We pay more per month with HubSpot, get no actual service, lost 10,000 contacts which were vital to our business and then discovered the lead generation and analytics was all achievable through Zulu eDM.

Understandably I am happy to be contacted but have asked to have just my name and company suppressed for this testimonial but I felt our experience is something everyone should be aware of.

SP – Marketing Director
(company withheld)
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