Zulu eDM Campaign Management Software US: +1 214 660 5524 | Aus: +61 3 9001 1590

Get the best Franchise eDM Platform in the World

Flexibility with total campaign control with outstanding outcomes

  • Take control of your email reputation
  • Provide eDM tools for 5 minute campaigning to Franchisees
  • Provide Local Area Marketing tools to Franchisees
  • By growing Franchisee marketing databases build the value of their business

Get the best eDM results for your Franchise network or Global organization (with multiple subsidiary or related organization) by delivering tools to Franchisees for email, SMS and App direct marketing all in one secure flexible platform.

Enjoy the benefits of protecting and building your email reputation across the network with one DMARC implementation. Implement group SMS campaign numbers across your network once and protect your customers and subscribers from SMS fraud.

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