DMARC Adoption Statistics & Data

DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) adoption statistics and data is a free searchable summary of domains and the adoption and conformance of DMARC compliance. E-mail is an integral part of daily online life even with all of the new chat apps and social messenging. With over 4.4 billion email anticipated in 2013 the SPAM and cyber email crime statisitics grow with it and it is very difficult to understand just what emails you can trust or not. This dataset and search contains all of the active email domains listed by Trusted Sender Score in our Email Trust Database. We have also included a summary of DMARC adoption statistics for various segments such as Government and Education.

What is the total number of domains covered in this data?

The total number of domains surveyed up to Thursday 1st of October 2020 is 84427 domains with 3.94% of these domains being compliant (protected) from being used in a spoof attack.

DMARC Records (%): 11.55%
Protected Domains (%): 3.94%

What is DMARC Anti-Spoof Adoption Research?

Trusted Sender Score DMARC Anti-SPOOF conformance adoption research examines compares and measures the adoption of the DMARC protocol with the correct implementation for DMARC conformance.

What types of domains does the DMARC adoption research cover?

The research includes progress of DMARC, Anti-SPOOF protection by various domains of governments, commercial and educational organizations from around the World. You will find more detailed information by clicking on the dropdown menu option to check on domains important to you.

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