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Franchise Email SPOOF & Phishing Rescue Pack

Have your been receiving calls about fake invoices, a virus attached to an email with your domain or anything similar?

You will ned to implement this rescue pack and then seek advice.


Control your email permanently

Emotions are high when you first find out that someone, somewhere has started pretending to be your organization by sending emails that look like your emails from your domain (or not).
This free rescue pack is the initial steps we recommend you take before, during or after an attack. Once the cyber crooks find an easy target they exploit it often.

Important Set-up Note

When you put DMARC (part if the rescue pack) be advised that your domain will most likely become visible for the first time. That means you are using your own Return Path, not ours or MailChimp or whoever. Our research shows that e-Blasters will be penalised heavily for poor content and poor subscriber practices.


Join The Trusted Sender Program

We created Trusted Sender because the public, the mail receivers and senders needed a better way to validate a trustworthy source of email. We help take the mystery out of email authentication and risk so that compliant and responsible organisations are recognised. This is not a Return Path alternative, it is a precursor to the program.


Total Messaging Solution

Cheaper than MailChimp and we are double tick compliant. Cheaper then Sendgrid and we have better campaign software. Once you start this process and the money starts increasing you will have that 'aha' moment.