SMTP API Email Gateway Designed for Authenticated & Trusted Email

Send authenticated email using our secure SMTP ports or via our SMTP API that is also linked to Trusted Sender Score and Zulu eDM Campaigner. The Zulu SMTP API Email Gateway is the only email gateway that is dedicated to authenticated email domains giving a domain significantly better delivery, engagement and reputation.

Email Sending Gateway

One Email Gateway, Better Results

With Zulu eDM our SMTP Email Gateway will mean less confusion and better delivery.

Only one SPF, DKIM and MX requirement for transaction and campaign emails.

Price includes:

  • Once off $79 set-up fee

  • Term: Monthly
  • Email inclusions: 30,000 or Unlimited
  • No FROM address restrictions
  • Logs & Delivery Reports
  • Easy to implement on WordPress and any SMTP capable application
  • Authentication records provided and installed authomatically
  • Trusted Sender Score Embedding and API access
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