DMARC Email Reputation Important information for sales and marketing professionals

Account management, branding, campaign management, lead generation and pipeline nurturing almost always use email as a vital tool. Until now marketing and sales teams have not really needed to worry about email reputation management, until now!

Why is it important for sales and marketing professionals to understand email reputation?

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Webmail platforms such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Comcast and manymore have been monitoring email reputation for years. They measure a domain in terms of usefulness and (subscriber / SPAM) compliance. The change to DMARC means that the effect content, subscriber preferences and authentication has on your email reputation becomes vital for sales and marketing teams to understand.

Unfortunately due to email and subscriber acquisition being abused the SPAM and email attack volumes were at epidemic proportions and something had to be changed. DMARC has effectively changed the email landscape forever, puts the changes in simple, non-technical terms . What all of this means is this:

  1. Uploading lists and sending campaigns becomes vitally inportant and can ruin your domain reputation in months, even using our Automated Email Reputation Manager (that has rescued hundres of domains). You need to think of better solutions to get past this, QR Codes like we have in Zulu eDM Campaign manager, forms asking for more than just name and email are also important.
  2. Achieving a Trusted Sender Score (#tss) score of 7.5 or greater will mean you have addressed vital technical needs.
  3. Email reputation will effect email delivery, so if your teams are not all doing the right thing then key business areas may fail due to missing email or poor results.
  4. If your clients or prospects have DMARC implemented (use our checker) then your emails may stop reaching them unless you are compliant. Our fact sheets can be used to understand more on this.

Larger organisations such as franchise organisations or business with subsidiaries must consider a centralised system that offers localised autonomy with all of these mandatory compliance factors built in to the process or product. We recommend trying Zulu eDM Franchise / Enterprise Campaign Manager.