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Compare Zulu eDM with Common e=Blasting Tools

Good Pricing

Good pricing provides plenty of messaging capacity to more than meet the needs of responsible marketers.

Good Pricing encourages subscriber growth and provides the necessary tools to Auto-segment new subscribers at sign-up.
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Bad Pricing

Bad pricing offers unlimited emails to users that think excessive e-Blasting is acceptable.

Bad Pricing penalizes business success by charging for subscriber volumes which leads to poor SPAM compliance.
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For Best Results

  • Monthly Email Inclusion
  • Number of Subscribers
  • Pricing Model
  • Email Campaigns
  • DMARC Compliant Domain
    We trust our users and give you our high reputaton zuluedm.com domain to use which is DMARC compliant. MailChimp.com, campaignmonitor.com etc are DMARC compliant domains BUT they give you shared domains like mcsv or cmail or som other poor non compliant domains to use. Therefore protecting themselves but not you. Basically we trust you and they do not.
  • SMS Campaigns
  • Short URL Social Publishing & Tracking
  • DragNDrop Template Builder
  • - HTML Only Editor
    (for CSS & Design Gurus)
  • Email Campaign Tracking
  • - Post Click Tracking
    We show you what happens after the email / SMS click tracking and how your content or conversion performs. Why? So you can tweak landing pages, content, subject etc to deliver better results.
  • - Email Signature Tracking
    We show you what happens after the email / SMS click tracking and how your content or conversion performs. Why? So you can tweak landing pages, content, subject etc to deliver better results.
  • Subscriber Acquisition Forms
  • - Subscriber Auto-Segmentation
    Based off subscriber preferences we auto-segment subscribers based of their preferences helping with better targeted communication and engagement.
  • - QR Code Deployment & Tracking
    We give you a QR for Code to for easy offline / online subscriber building tools and then track each QR Code and the content effectiveness.
  • FREE Additional Tools
  • - Campaign URL Builder
  • - Google Analytics Integration & Templates
  • - QR Code Builder
    Really simple - deploy QR Codes for better subscriber building for offline initiatives
  • - eDM Best Practice Guides
    eDM guides help our users get the best engagement possible therefore delivering more sales and better outcomes as well as subscriber vlongevity
  • Integrations (Software & Mobile Applications)
  • - Meaningful & Deep Integration(s)

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Good Vs Bad Pricing Explained

Understand why our inboxes and phones  are flooded with Junk and SPAM

Question: What do you do when you receive 3,4,5 or more emails, campaigns or SMS from an organisation in a month ?

a.) Disengage from future communications.

b.) Lose trust & respect for the sender of the messages.

c.) Become wary of any subscriber forms.

d.) All of the above.

Answer: Our research says that more than 75% of internet subscribers would chose option d.) All of the above.

The three key factors that have contributed to the wasteful and excessive use of messaging are:

1.) The perception that email and SMS is cheap and therefore cost was no longer a factor when compared to a letter or direct mail campaign. The targeting and thought that went into direct mail was sophisticated and well planned however as perceptions changed the focus on the message, the audience and the relationship has become non-existent.

2.) When Unlimited emails became popular the charging model was based upon the number of subscribers, the more subscriber the more you paid. This often included an unlimited number of emails to your entire list. This pricing model has done the most damage because the software providers such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor penalised customer “list” growth but said it’s ok to send as many emails to your list as you want as often as you can.

3.) Last but most certainly not least is comes marketing automation, auto-responders or drip marketing. Let’s see, we already have unlimited all you can send systems that were a breeding ground for Phishing, SPAM, Junk and SPOOF and now we want to automate it so that a subscribers can receive another email within X hours, days etc. 

Email is more expensive than ever to deliver with managing IP address blocks, domain reputation, creating and storing huge amounts of data for analytics, negotiating with postmasters, managing FBL (Feedback Loops) etc.

We have been steadfast with our charging model (Good Pricing) because we believe in the principles of engagement, meaningful communication and responsible being  global citizens who do not encourage waste through irresponsible pricing.

Our Tribe works tirelessly to help educate and deliver better results for our users and partner networks. We hope if you have read this far (even if you choose not to sign-up with us) then you will think about taking up the mantra of responsible marketers and not engage via sending excessive/needless emails and messages.

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